Significant British Programs of Illustration Prior to Fred Barnard's

Whereas across the Atlantic both Sol Eytinge, Jr. and Felix Octavius Carr Darley had illustrated this early Dickens novel, in Great Britain the work's principal illustrator prior to the Household Edition volume of 1875 had been Hablot Knight Browne (Phiz). As became his habit, Dickens had provided his principal illustrator with highly specific directions for the thirty-nine illustrations issued over the twenty-month serialisation. Barnard had the additional benefit of Phiz's friendship, so that he would have learned much about the development of the 1838-39 series of steel-engravings from the original illustrator himself.

However, as a Bozophile Barnard probably was aware of the existence of some post-serialisation illustrations, beginning with the portrait of Charles Dickens that Finden engraved from a portrait of twenty-seven-year-old author by Daniel Maclise for the first edition's frontispiece (issued in October 1839). As a sort of road map to the picaresque story, Barnard would have consulted the fanciful and exuberant monthly wrapper. He probably had also seen and studied the extra illustrations that appeared as Chapman and Hall issued the cheap editions and the Illustrated Library Edition.

Commentary: From the "Introductory Note" to Scenes and Characters from Dickens (1908)

Commissioned by Dickens's chief publishers, Chapman and Hall, to illustrate a wholly new, uniform edition of his works, were leading British illustrators of the sixties, led by Fred Barnard, but including

Related material, including front matter and sketches, by other illustrators

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