Mr. Toots replies by launching wildly out into Miss Dombey's praises. . . . — Fred Barnard's forty-second illustration for Dickens's Dombey and Son, Household Edition (1877), full-page, p. 284 (scene from chap. xxxix). Wood engraving by the Dalziels, 3 ⅝ x 5 ⅜ inches (9.3 cm high by 13.8 cm wide), framed. Running head: "An Alarming Surprise," 285. [Click on the images to enlarge them.]

Passage Illustrated: Rob the Grinder bids Captain Cuttle farewell

"Oh! I beg your pardon, Captain, but you mayn’t be in want of any pigeons, may you, Sir?"

"No, my lad," replied the Captain.

"Because I was wishing to dispose of mine, Captain," said Rob.

"Ay, ay?" cried the Captain, lifting up his bushy eyebrows a little.

"Yes; I’m going, Captain, if you please," said Rob.

"Going? Where are you going?" asked the Captain, looking round at him over the glasses.

"What? didn’t you know that I was going to leave you, Captain?" asked Rob, with a sneaking smile.

The Captain put down the paper, took off his spectacles, and brought his eyes to bear on the deserter.

"Oh yes, Captain, I am going to give you warning. I thought you’d have known that beforehand, perhaps," said Rob, rubbing his hands, and getting up. ‘If you could be so good as provide yourself soon, Captain, it would be a great convenience to me. You couldn’t provide yourself by to-morrow morning, I am afraid, Captain: could you, do you think?"

"And you’re a going to desert your colours, are you, my lad?" said the Captain, after a long examination of his face. [Chapter 39, "Further Adventures of Captain Edward Cuttle, Mariner," 281]

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