General publications

Burney, Frances. Evelina. London: Dent, 1893.

Davidson, John. Plays. London: Elkin Matthews & John Lane, 1894.

Dowson, Ernest. The Pierrot of the Minute. London: Smithers, 1897.

Dowson, Ernest. Verses. London: Smithers, 1896.

Jonson, Ben. Volpone. London & New York: John Lane, 1898.

Malory, Thomas. Le Morte d’Arthur. London: Dent, 1893–4. Issued in 12 parts with cover designs by Beardsley and then in a 2 vol. book edition.

Maugham, W. Somerset. Liza of Lambeth. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1897.

Nesbit, Edith. In Homespun. Boston: Roberts, 1896.

O’Sullivan, Vincent. The Houses of Sin. London: Smithers, 1897.

Pope, Alexander. The Rape of the Lock. London: Smithers, 1896.

Savoy, The. London: Smithers, 1895–6. All eight issues have covers design by Beardsley.

Smith, Sydney. Bon Mots. London: Dent, 1893.

Warton, H. T. Sappho. London: John Lane, 1898.

Wilde, Oscar. Salomé. London: Elkin Matthews & John Lane, 1894.

Yeats, W.B. The Land of Heart’s Desire. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1894.

Yellow Book, The. London: John Lane, 1894–5. The first four half-yearly covers are by Beardsley.

The Key Note Series

Beardsley designed covers and in some cases illustrations for 22 titles published by Lane, sometimes in collaboration with Elkin Matthews, from 1893–6. These are small-scale, cheaply produced volumes bound in cloth. The range of texts presented a challenge for Beardsley, although all of the books are unconventional in ways that lend themselves to, and are matched by, his particular blend of eroticism and the dream-like. All are keenly collected and most are rare. Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan is perhaps the most prized of this collection.

Adams, Francis. A Child of the Age (1894).

Allen, Grant. The British Barbarians (1895).

Allen, Grant. The Woman who Did (1895).

Crosse, Victoria. The Woman who Didn’t (1895).

D’Arcy, Ella. Monochromes (1895).

Dawe, William. Yellow and White (1895).

Dix, Gertrude. The Girl from the Farm (1895).

Dostoievsky, Fyodor. Poor Folk (1894).

Egerton, George. Discords (1894).

Egerton, George. Keynotes (1893).

Farr, Florence. The Dancing Faun (1894).

Harland, Henry. Grey Roses (1895).

Lowry, Henry. Women’s Tragedies (1895).

Machen, Arthur. The Great God Pan (1894).

Machen, Arthur. The Three Imposters (1895).

Macleod, Fiona [William Sharp]. The Mountain Lovers (1895).

Makower, Stanley. The Mirror of Music (1895).

Sharp, Evelyn. At the Relton Arms (1895).

Shiel, Matthew Phipps. Prince Zaleski (1895).

Smith, John. Platonic Affections (1896).

Syrett, Netta. Nobody’s Fault (1896).

Watson, H. B. At the First Corner (1895).

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