The Times filled its columns of tiny print with names and brief descriptions of the dead, a few of which appear below. Although the following descriptions of the dead in the provide the historian with the kind of specific details that create a sense of a past time, telling us, for example, how Victorians dressed for holiday excursions in the late-1870s, the list of dead children becomes almost too painful to read, as does the way individual lives seem reduced to odd details, such the fact that the five-year old Anniue Mouflet's jacket was “trimmed with fur” or that Walter Bishop, eight years old, carried a “silver watch, [and] door key in pocket.” — George P. Landow

Louis Alex. Mouflet, age 42, height 5ft. 8in., complexion, hair, and whiskers dark; dress, brown tweed suit, lace boots; had on a gold watch, with initials on case, and gold signet ring.

Nancy Mouflet. age 33, height 5ft. 3in. complexion fair, hair dark auburn; dress, dark blue.

Master Alex. Mouflet, age 7, complexion and hair dark, light brown knickerbocker suit.

Annie Mouflet, age 5, fair; blue and white striped dress, light jacket trimmed with fur, brown socks, button boots, 29, Lordship's-park.

Phillis Sarah Flatman, age 29, height 41ft. 10in.; complexion fair; dress, light, trimmed red, button boots, high heels. 3, Woodbury-vale, Stoke Newington.

Alfred William Alesbury, 11, St. Thomas-square, Mare-strict, Hackney. Age 32, height 4ft. 6in., dark; dress, black suit, marked “A. W. A.” silver watch and heavy gold chain.

Elizabeth Alesbury, age 31, height 4ft. 8in. complexion and hair dark; dress, fawn satin cloth, linen, supposed initials; watch and gold chain.

Jessie Alesbury, age 9, height 3ft. 6in., fair, hair auburn; dress, brown silk.

Louisa Alesbury, age 5, fair.

Jabez Alesbory, age 2. fair.

Edith AJesbury, age five months.

Eliza Jane Alesbury, age 58. height 5ft. 6in., complexion dark, hair turning gray; dark dress, black silk, trimmed with beads, black satin bonnet.

Jane Green, age 17, the servant.

Francis Smith, age 22, height 6ft. 4in., complexion fair, eyes blue; white dress, black cloth jacket, linen marked “F. Calvert.”

Florence Francis Smith, age seven weeks; dress white. 84, Glocester-road, Kegent’s-park.

William Stubbings, age 41. height 5ft. 5in., complexion florid, hair gray; dress, black frock coat and vest and trousers.

Annie Stubbings, age 39, height 5ft. 5in., complexion fair, rather stout; dress, light alpaca, side-spring boots. Castle-road, Brixton-hill.

Elizabeth Room, age 44, height 5ft. 4in., complexion and hair dark, rather stout; dress, black alpaca, lace shawl; on person, silver watch, gold chain, wedding ring, ring on tie finger, side-spring boots. 93, Odd Follows’ Hall, and Spring-kill, Birmingham.

Walter Bishop, 8, Elvaston-place, Queen’s-gate, London. Age 38, height 5ft. 4in., complexion fair, hair and whiskers sandy; dress, gray trousers and vest, block coat, drab tie. side-spring boots; silver watch, door key in pocket.


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