The Inman Line


© Merseyside Maritime Museum

This poster appears in Sail Away: Liverpool Shipping Posters, an exhibition at the Museum that opens on May 16, 2014 and and contains 14 posters used between 1880 and 1997 to publicise transatlantic travel. The exhibition looks at different eras including a golden age of sea travel in the 1950s; a time when people boarded liners to relax and unwind as cruising became popular. From emigrant services, through the age of luxury transatlantic liners, to latter day cruise ships, posters are snapshots from a time when global travel was still an unusual and often exotic undertaking. Together these posters show the changing face of passenger travel by sea.

All the posters are from the Merseyside Maritime Museum collections and many are on display for the first time. The exhibition will also explore the artistry and style of individual designers and illustrators like Kenneth Shoesmith, Dorothy Newsome and Odin Rosenvinge using original artworks from the collection.— George P. Landow

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