The New Government Steam-frigate “Janus”

The New Government Steam-frigate “Janus”. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

This noble vessel has just been launched from Chatbam Dockyard, and has attracted much attention from her peculiar construction, designed by Vice-Admiral the Earl of Dundonald, who, as Lord Cochrane, is universally known in the service. The form of her body, which nearly resembles that of a wedge towards the extremities, is precisely similar at both ends, and is, consequently, capable of moving in either direction with equal facility; her capabilities of advancing and retreating in narrow channels, for the purpose of offensive ofensive warfare are made perfect. The following are her particular dimensions:

The dimensions of the Steam-frigate “Janus”

The Janus is fitted with a rudder at each extremity, but on ordinary occasions one only will remain in place. The tillers work on deck. She has two capstans, and is provided with a pair of hawser-holes shaft as well as forward, but onl one pair of riding bitts and one pair of catheads. Her armament will consist of a lO-inch gun at each extremity, throwing hollow shot of 86 lb. weight and she will also be capable of mounting two 42-pounder guns.

Figure-head of the “Janus”.

The engine by which this vessel is to be propelled is an invention of the gallant earl who designed her. It is to be a rotatory engine, which it is said, will not occupy more than one-sixth of the space required for the common reciprocating engine. It may be placed so low as to be out of reach of gun-shot: it will have no beams, cranks, side rods, parallel motions, levers, &c.; and it may be fixed in less than a quarter of the time now required for fixing marine engines. While its first cost is considerably cheaper, it may be more easily kept in repair, in the opinion of the projector, than the steam machinery now in use on board vessels of war.

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