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The brigade’s first steam-pumped, horse-drawn fire engine was introduced in 1873. In 1886 a manual engine equipped with a fire escape or hose ladder was introduced. Designed by the firemaster, the engine was built by the brigade’s craftsmen. The firemen were also issued with brass helmets and dark blue frock coats.

As Edinburgh was expanding rapidly, fire stations designed by Robert Morham, the city architect, were built in various parts of the city during the 1880s. A fire station was built in Ramsay Lane, Portobello in 1898 as the town had now amalgamated with the City of Edinburgh. The brigade moved to new headquarters designed by Robert Morham at Lauriston Place in 1900.

Two public telephone boxes were set up in 1895 at Albert Street and Rosebank Place. The box at Rosebank Place was closed in 1899 and a box placed in Kew Terrace, Coltbridge.



Fire Stations

Major fires during the period

During this period the brigade had to deal with fires at the Theatre Royal, the North Berwick Marine Hotel, the City Paper Works, Nelson’s printing works and Jenner’s department store in Princes Street.

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