"Bubo Maximus" (an Eagle Owl)

Artists: J. Wolf and H. C. Richter

Printed by: Walter


Source: Gould, plate 30

J. Ruskin, Esq, Corpus Christi College," is among the subscribers listed at the beginning of the book. By now, Gould's pre-eminence as a "bird man" was well established, and he had developed a keen eye for the kind of illustrator who would enhance his project. Such were the skills of his latest one, the German natural history artist Joseph Wolf (1820-1899), that even Edwin Landseer was taken with his first commissions, saying: "He must have been a bird before he became a man" (qtd. in Tree 197). [Commentary continues below.]

Image scan, text and formatting by Jacqueline Banerjee.

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