(Contributed by an enthusiastic Gentleman, with the Shah on the Brain.)

First and foremost, the Shah will be immediately presented by Mr. Punch with a copy of the London Shah-i-ivari.

The Shah will drive about in a Shah-a-banc. [charabanc = French for an early form of a bus]

After dinner, when hilarious, he will sing “Champagne Shah-ley is my name.”

He will receive from Windermere “potted Shah” for breakfast.

After several evening parties, he will be what the Americans call “danced down to Shahs,” and glad to rest.

He will call on the French Ambassador, and playfully hide behind the window-curtains, where he will cleverly imitate the “miaou” of a cat. His Excellenoy will detect him, when His Imperial Majesty will slip out, and say, “Voici le Chat!” a jeu de mot which he has been preparing for months past.

His Majesty will go and see all the Conjurors in town, and everybody at all like a Char-latan.

Depend upon the above information. (Contributors, be warned.)


“What the Shah Will Do.” Punch; or the London Charivari” (14 June 1873): 249. HathiTrust online version of a copy in the University of California Library. Web. 5 March 2022.

Created 5 March 2022