At Mudie’s”

At Mudie’s

Dowett Wilson

Wood engraving by the Dalziels

Judy (20 January 1880): 46

Courtesy of the HathiTrust and the Harvard University Library.

First Footman. What do our girls read? Why, som'thin' light and Frenchy–– Ouida, Rhody Broughton, and all that.

Second ditto. That's what I call sensible. Now, our people, they're the serious persuasion, they are. Send you for The Thirsty Soul, Betsy Jane’s Repentance, and all that sort of thing; makes the gent at the desk regular grin at you sometimes, let alone havin’ to cut all the blessed leaves when you get home, ’cause nobody at the library ever takes’s em out.

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  • Mudie's Select Library and the Form of Victorian Fiction