A ’s an American — Forster by name;
B stands for Byranstonw-street, whither he came;
C ’s theCredulity that gives him his fling;
D is the Diamond he wears in a ring;
E ’s the Effrontery, of which he’s possessed;
F ’s Fashion and Folly, by which he's caressed;
G is the Guinea you pay to be cheated;
H is the Humbug to which you are treated;
I ’s the Impostor no sane man deceiving;
J ’s the Jackass, who joys in believing;
K is the Kicking we’d give to him gaily;
L is the Lie, that the rogue’s living daily;
M is the Money he filches from fools;
N are the Ninnies he uses for tools;
O is Orthography—that he’s not versed in;
P is the Pick-Pocket Place he was nursed in;
Q stands for Quack — which for him the right term is;
R ’s the Red name on his arm’s epidermis ;
S is the Scratching by which it’s effected;
T is the Trick that will soon be detected ;
U is the Urgent demand of his pocket;
V are the Victims, whose duping must stock it;
W ’s for Whipping, he’s earned by his fraud;
X for Ten Years’ Penal Servico abroad ;
Y ’s Yellow, which all Norfolk Island men wear;
Z is the Zest with which we’d send him there!

Victorian Spiritualism


“A Spiritualist Alphabet.” Fun. (1862): 44.

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