Source: Hathi Digital Library Trust web version of a copy in the University of Minnesota library.— George P. Landow

“’TIS money makes the mare to go,”
And with the railway train ’tis so;
The companies, for love of gain,
They run the rash Excursion Train,
     Singing, “Hei! for the Excursion Train,
     And ho! for the Excursion Train!
     We’ll risk a smash to win the cash,
     So, ho! for the Excursion Train!”

Their staff is not too large, be sure,
The usual traffic to secure;
But ere they’ll pay a larger staff,
They’ll run all risks, at danger laugh,
     Singing, “Hei! for the Excursion Train!” etc.

The signals are uncertain, too,
The signalman’s too much to do;
But when one man does work for three,
How great the saving is, they see,
     Singing, “Hei! for the Excursion Train!” etc.

No wonder, too, mishaps befall
The trains, at intervals so small;
But then the more they start, they know
The greater profit thence will flow,
     Singing, “Hei! for the Excursion Train!” etc.

The smugglers said, in smuggling days,
“One cargo run, twelve losses pays;”
The railways count a train, safe through,
Will clear an accident or two,
     Singing, “Hei! for the Excursion Train!” etc.

“Profit and loss," the rule of trade,
Thus to apply by them is made;
The public suffers losses all-—
The profits to the railways fall,
     Singing, “Hei! for the Excursion Train!” etc.

Suppose, then, we unite to stay
These murders in the wholesale way;
Suppose, until quite safe each line,
We all Excursion Trains decline,
     Singing, “Nay to the Excursion Train!
     And No to the Excursion Train!
     We’ll risk no smash to gain you cash,
     So, No to the Excursion Train!"

Last modified 30 January 2016