Royal Academy of Arts

The Dudley Gallery. Watercolour Exhibitions

The Dudley Gallery. Oil Painting Exhibitions

The Grosvenor Gallery

The New Gallery (incomplete, 10 works exhibited)

Liverpool Academy (incomplete)

Art Treasures Exhibition, Wrexham

Royal Manchester Institution

Art Treasures Exhibition, Royal Institution, Manchester

Exposition Universelle, Paris

Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Manchester

International Exhibition, Glasgow, Bishop’s Castle


Whitechapel Art Gallery, Spring Exhibition

Carfax & Company Ltd., London

Carfax & Company Ltd., London 1909 — Roddam Spencer Stanhope Retrospective

  1. My Lady of the Waterpress [Our Lady of the Water Gate] , oil
  2. Thoughts of the Past, oil
  3. The Cone Gatherers, tempera
  4. The Winepress, oil
  5. Amor Retiarius, tempera
  6. Penelope, oil
  7. Dawn of Day, watercolour
  8. The Bathers, watercolour
  9. Patience on the Monument, oil
  10. Cupid and Psyche, watercolour
  11. The Pet Lamb, watercolour
  12. The Waters of Lethe, watercolour
  13. The Annunciation, tempera
  14. The Song of Solomon, watercolour
  15. Aphrodite, tempera
  16. The Mill, tempera
  17. Study for Reredos, watercolour
  18. Study of a Man’s Head, pencil
  19. Study of a Girl’s Head, chalk and pencil
  20. Knowledge Strangling Ignorance, watercolour
  21. Study of Ferns and Foliage, watercolour
  22. Aphrodite Rising from the Sea, tempera
  23. Scene in Yorkshire, watercolour
  24. Ezekiel [Valley of the Dry Bones] , watercolour
  25. Rizpah, watercolour
  26. Washing, watercolour
  27. 27. Jowett Farm, Yorkshire, watercolour
  28. Love in Danger, watercolour
  29. Study of Trees, Cannon Hall, watercolour
  30. The Black Pond, Cobham, watercolour

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