Writings by William Simpson (1823-1899)

Simpson, William. The Buddhist Praying Wheel: A Collection of Material bearing upon the Symbolism of the Wheel and Circular Movements in Custom and Religious Ritual. London: MacMillan, 1896.

Simpson, William. The Campaign in the Crimea. London: Colnaghi, 1855. An account of the Crimean Campaign written by Brackenbury and illustrated with Simpson's lithographs.

Simpson, William. Glasgow in the Forties. Glasgow: Morison Brothers, 52 Renfield Street, Glasgow, 1899. A limited edition of 500, published by arrangement with, and under the Auspices of, the Glasgow Corporation.

Simpson, William. India Ancient and Modern: A Series of Illustrations of the Country and People (with descriptive literature by J.W. Kaye). London: Day & Son, 1867.

Simpson, William. The Jonah legend: A Suggestion of Interpretation. London: Grant Richards, 1899.

Simpson, William. Meeting the Sun: A Journey All Round the World. London: Longman, 1874.

Simpson, William. Picturesque People: Being Groups from all Quarters of the Globe London: W.M. Thompson, 20 Cockspur Street, Pall Mall, 1876.

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