William Joseph Julius Caesar Bond

1. A Study in the Dingle

George Price Boyce

2. Sketch in North Wales
3. At Venice

John Brett

4. * * *
5. The Engels Hörner and Glacier, from Rosenlaui
6. Moss and Gentians, from the Engels Hörner

Ford Madox Brown

7. The Last of England
8. English Autumn Afternoon
9. Windermere
10. The Brent [at Hendon]
11. Carrying Corn
12. King Lear
Act IV, scene 7. Cordelia’s tent in the French camp at Dover
Phys. “Louder the music there”
13. Sketch taken from Shawn Ridgway [Kent]
14. Pencil Study of a Child three days’ old [Oliver Madox Brown]
15. Beauty, before she became acquainted with the Beast (Charcoal)
16. The Prisoners of Chillon (pen & ink) ‘He died & they unlock’d his chain’
17. Portrait of William Rossetti Esq. (painted by lamplight)
18. The Parting of Cordelia and her Sisters Cordelia. “Use well our father”

James Campbell

19. Trudging Homewards
20. An Interval in the Performance

Charles Allston Collins

21. The Long Engagement
22. The Fuchsia

William Davis

23. Wallasey Mill, Cheshire
24. The White Horse
25. Study of Dogs
26. A Study in Summer
27. The Shrimper
28. Study from Nature

Lowes Cato Dickinson

29. On the Rio Pesaro, Venice
30. Portrait Sketches in the Highlands

Michael Frederick Halliday

31. * * *
32. Locksley Hall. vide Tennyson
33. Sketches in the Highlands

Arthur Hughes

34. Ophelia (a small duplicate of the picture)
35. The Mother’s Grave
36. Fair Rosamond (a sketch painted in 1854)
37. April Love (a small duplicate of the picture)
38. A Portrait [Edward Robert Hughes as a Child]
39. Adoration of the Shepherds (a sketch)

William Holman Hunt

40. The Haunted Manor
41. Sketch from a house in New Cairo, looking towards Gebel Mokattam
42. The Great Sphynx
43. Designs on Wood for Tennyson’s Poems (Photographed before engraving) [Rossetti's published illustrations in the Moxon Tennyson]

John William Inchbold

44. Mid-day on the Lake of Thun
45. In March
      “. . .The primrose flower.
      Peeped forth to give an earnest of the spring.” Wordsworth

Arthur James Lewis

46. Study at Clovelly [North Devon]

Robert Braithwaite Martineau

47. Taming of the Shrew
     Act II. Scene 1.
     Kath. “I chafe you if I tarry; let me go
     Pet. “No not a whit: I find you passing gentle
48. The Spelling Lesson “Try and remember”

John Everett Millais A.R.A.

49. The Wedding Cards
50. The Foxglove
51. Wilkie Collins, Esq.
52. W. Holman Hunt, Esq.
53. * * *

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

54. 9th June 1290 – Dante’s Dream at the time of the Death of Beatrice
      “Then Love said unto me: ‘It is true that our lady lieth dead.’ Dante Vita Nuova
55. 9th June 1291 – The Anniversary of the Death of Beatrice “On the day which fulfilled the year’ Dante Vita Nuova
56. * * *
57. Mary Nazarene
58. Mary Magdalene
59. The Blue Closet
60. Hesterna Rosa
61. Designs on Wood for Tennyson’s Poems (Photographed before engraving) [Rossetti's published illustrations in the Moxon Tennyson]

The Late Thomas Seddon

62. Mount Zion
63. Jerusalem, with the Valley of Jehoshaphat (A small duplicate of the picture)

William Bell Scott

64. The Burgher’s Watch on the City Wall

Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal

65. Clerk Saunders
      “The clinking bell gazed thro’ the town
      To carry the dead corse to the clay” Old Ballad
66. Sketches from Browning, Tennyson, &c.
67. Sketch: “We are Seven”
      “And often in the sunset, Sir, when it is light and fair,
      I take my little porringer, and eat my supper there.” Wordsworth
68. Sketch: The Haunted Tree
69. Study of a Head [Self-Portrait]

William Lindsay Windus

70. The Interview between Middlemass and his Parents (from Scott’s “Surgeon’s Daughter”)

John Dawson Watson

71. Study of a Child

Joseph Wolf

72. The Woodcock’s Nest

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