The Common, June by John William Inchbold. Oil on card, 6.75 x 9.5 inches. Signed and dated 1871, inscribed verso 'Common, June'. Collection: The Maas Gallery.

Commentary from the Maas Gallery catalogue

Inchbold was one of Pre-Raphaelitism’s most-underrated followers. By 1850 Inchbold was an assiduous disciple of Ruskin, and thereby won fame at the Royal Academy in the approval of the great critic. Like Brett’s, his later landscapes do not so much wander from Ruskin’s precepts of Truth to Nature as desert them altogether, aiming instead for delicate atmosphere. This loosely handled sketch is likely to have been painted out of doors. After his death his friend Swinburne wrote:

To thee the sun spake, and the morning sang
Notes deep and clear as life or heaven.

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Pre-Raphaelitism. Exhibition catalogue. London: Maas Gallery, 2013. No. 26.

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