An Artist Painting by the Sea by John William Inchbold. Watercolour and bodycolour; signed and dated 1887, and monogrammed on the paint box in the picture. 6.75 x 13.75 inches. Collection: The Maas Gallery.

Commentary from the Maas Gallery catalogue

Inchbold was one of several young landscape artists to be inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites. The praise and patronage of Ruskin launched him on his career in 1855, but by the late 1850s he had moved away from the tenets of strict observation towards a more personal style and a looser, more experimental technique. Like the painter A.W. Hunt, he was also a poet, and he found it hard to make a living by his watercolours. In 1886–87 he made his last long painting tour, exploring the Mediterranean coast from the south of France to Naples; our painting dates from this trip. A lady paints at an easel, whilst their lunch basket waits for them hung high in the shade from a tree.

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Pre-Raphaelitism. Exhibition catalogue. London: Maas Gallery, 2013. No. 26.

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