Evelyn de Morgan

Inscribed lower right “E De Morgan 1894”

Oil on canvas

"Flora is a 'small life' figure. She is dressed in a white robe, dappled with many-tinted pansies, and the drapery is painted over gold-leaf, which shines through the colour. The scarf is scarlet, with a pattern of swallows in gold. The tree in the background, with its admirably-drawn foliage, so decorative in effect, is a Nespolo tree, that bears fruit in the early spring. This picture was painted entirely in Florence, where Mrs. De Morgan works during the winter, and none will fail to notice how lovingly and thoughtfully it is finished in every part." — W. Shaw Sparrow

The scroll at lower right nears the inscription:

Io vengo da Fiorenza e sono Flora
Quella città dai Fior prende Nomanza.
Tra fiori son nato ed or canata dimora
Fra i monti della scozia aviò mia stanza
Accogliemei ben e vi sia caro
Nelle nordiche nebbie il mio Tesoro.


  • Moon, bird, and fruit
  • Flora's hand and pink flower
  • Scroll in Italian bottom right
  • Flora's foot and flowers
  • Text and formatting and by George P. Landow

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