Derek B. Scott is author of The Singing Bourgeois (1989), From the Erotic to the Demonic (2003), Sounds of the Metropolis (2008), and editor of Music, Culture, and Society (2000) and the Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology (2009). He has written numerous articles in which he has been at the forefront in identifying changes of critical perspective in the socio-cultural study of music. He is the General Editor of Ashgate's Popular and Folk Music Series, and Associate Editor of Popular Musicology Online. He was a founder member of the UK Critical Musicology Group in 1993 and organizer of their first major conference in 1995.

He is, in addition, a composer whose works range from operetta and music theatre to symphonies for brass band. He has a particular interest in the performance of music-hall songs and drawing-room ballads, but has also worked professionally in a variety of capacities on radio and TV, and in concert hall and theatre.

Last modified 31 August 2011