Dr. Schliemann’s Discoveries at Mycenæ: Mask, etc. from Agamemnon’s Tomb. “1. [Illegible] found with Skeleton in Agamemnon’s Tomb. 2. Silver Cow’s Head, with Golden Horns, emblematic of the goddess Hera, or Juno. 3 and 4. Golden Tankard and Goblet. 5 and 6. Th[ree?] Gold Plates and Buttons, dress ornaments, found with Skeleton.” Click on image to enlarge it.

We are indebted to Mr. Marwood Tucker for some Illustrations, made from recollection of the interesting exhibition of Dr. Schliemaan's Mycenæ antiquities, privately shown to Lord and Lady Salisbury and their party at Athens. All the articles which have been brought from Mycenæ are in the custody of the Royal Bank of Greece, and had not previously been exhibited. They covered completely the large table on which they were laid out, the place of honour in the centre being given to (No. 5 in our Illustration) the singular and really beautiful cow's heed of silver with golden horns. The object marked No. 1 in our Illustration is one of the thin gold masks which had covered the face of the skeleton’s in Agamemnon's tomb. These are extremely curious, but, alas! extremely ugly, the features being very coarsely featured with sharp lines and angles like the face a child might make out of wood with his pocket-knife. If Agamemnoa is to be Judged by the portrait of him, thus disinterred, he cannot certainly have represented the Greek traditional beauty; and if his brother was like him it is little to be wondered at that Helen should have preferred Paris.

No. 2 is the finest piece at art tn the collection It is by far the most delicately worked of all the articles now at Athens. The head of the cow, about 4 ½ in, or 5 in. long, is of silver, much discoloured, but very carefully modelled, and still showing the marks of the finishing-chisel The horns are nearly 7 in. long, and are of pure gold.As they have become detached from the bend at each side of the crest. It can be seen that they are hollow. The head itself Is solid.

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