Ferdinand II. entered Malebolge May 22nd, 1859

Go down to hell. This end is good to see;
    The breath is lightened and the sense at ease
    Beacuse thou art not; sense nor breath there is
In what thy body was, whose soul shall be
Chief nerve of hell's pained heart eternally.
    Thou are abolished from the midst of these
    That are what thou wast: Pius from his knees
Blows off the dust that flecked them, bowed for thee.
Yea, now the long-tongued slack-lipped litanies
    Fail, and the priest has no more prayer to sell --
Now the last jesuit found about thee is
    The beast that made the fouler flesh his cell --
Time lays his finger on thee, saying, "Cease;
    Here is no room for thee; go down to hell."

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