Join us for three panels on 'Dickens: Heirs and Heirlooms' at the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) 2021 conference, sponsored by the Dickens Society. The conference is taking place entirely online. Full details (all times in CEST):


Panel 1: Tuesday 31 August, 10:30-12:30: Patterns of Inheritance in and after Dickens

Panel 2: Tuesday 31 August, 14:45-16:45: Dickens’s Generations

Panel 3: Tuesday 31 August, 17:00-19:00: Dickens Translated: Languages, Contexts, Forms

How to Register

Register here: Please note that registration is entirely free if your university is a member of their national association (as many universities are). Click the appropriate country in the full ESSE associations list at the bottom of this page to check:

Last modified 31 July 2021