When trying to define the terms “underthought” and “overthought,” Gerard Manley Hopkins observed, “Perhaps what I ought to say is that the underthought is commonly an echo or shadow of the overthought, something like canons and repetitions in music, treated in a ... different manner, but that sometimes it may be independent of it.” Hopkins’s poem “The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo” demonstrates the most obvious thematic and structural ways in which echo, voice, and dialogue function in his writings. The conference organizers welcome presentations that discuss voice and echo broadly defined, as well as the textual networks, intersections, or recontextualizations that inform Hopkins’s poetry, and the intertextual practices and voices (allusion, citation, translation, pastiche, parody) shaping his prose and verse. Papers that examine his epistolary voices, the homiletic voice of Fr Hopkins, or Hopkins as echo in other poets’ works, would also be welcome.

We are interested in proposals for 15-minute presentations that address one or more aspects of the conference’s theme.

The conference also welcomes proposals for papers that would be included in two other possible panels:

Deadline for proposals:

28 February 2022. Please send your submissions to: Lesley Higgins, York University: 19higgins55@gmail.com

Last modified 16 February 2022