decorated initial 'G'oddard & Gibbs, as it is known now, has an international reputation for its contemporary stained glass, and also for the restoration of older stained glass. It is proud to have been first established in 1868 as Walter Gibbs & Sons of Blackfriars Road, London. This was a firm which was advertising its unique ability to make embossed glass signs and show-boards "at the shortest notice" in the 1870s (see "Embossed Glass Works").

Like other decorative glass firms, it has been through some major changes: it became part of James Clark & Sons (an older firm, established in 1855, also in Blackfriars) before acquiring Goddards Glass Works in 1938. After that it kept the name of Goddard & Gibbs, even though it was taken over later by James Clark & Eaton, and then in 1978, by Charles Clark. Despite the various changes, there seems to have been a continuity all through, because of the Gibbs-Clark connection — and also, for many years, because of the location: James Clark & Eaton was located in Glasshill Street, Blackfriars, where the firm had "one electric firing kiln" (see "Clark [James] & Eaton, Ltd.").

Now based in Corsham in Wiltshire, Goddard & Gibbs continues to flourish. It must have been helped by the reputation of its long-time chief designer, John Lawson (1932-2009), who joined the firm in 1970. But there have been other excellent designers as well, such as Arthur Edward Buss (1905-1999), whom Lawson succeeded, and (coming right up to the present, to someone who is still a well-known figure in the stained-glass world) Caroline Swash. — Jacqueline Banerjee.

Works of Goddard & Gibbs


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