Representations of Victorian Theater in Contemporary Art

[Numbers between brackets indicate plates in the Tate catalogue by Robins and Thomson.]

  • Walter Sickert, Gatti's Hungerford Palace of Varieties: Second Turn of Miss Katie Lawrence [25]
  • Walter Sickert, The Gallery at the old Bedford [27]
  • Walter Sickert, The Oxford Music Hall [28]
  • Walter Sickert, The Old Bedford: Cupid in the Gallery [29]
  • Philip Wilson Steer. Signorina Sozo in Dresdina

The Architecture of Victorian Theaters


Robins, Anna Gruetzner, and Richard Thomson. Degas, Sickert, and Toulouse-Laurec: London and Paris, 1870-1910. London: Tate Publishing, 2005.

last modified 24 October 2006