Art Union of London Commemorative Platter. The bronze platter, which is 12 inches in diameter, contains nine medallion portraits of Inigo Jones, Christopher Wren, Thomas Gainsborough, and other worthies. Private collection. Inscription on outer rim: “Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.”

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Anonymous Joshua Reynolds (obv) Putti (rev) --- Medallion
1843 W. Wyon Francis Chantrey (obv) Chantrey’s Memorial to Watt (rev) 54mm Medallion
1845 A. J. Stothard Joshua Reynolds (obv) Infant Hercules (rev) 58mm Medallion
1846 Benjamin Wyon (begun by W. Wilson Sir Christopher Wren (obv) St. Pauls (rev) 58mm Medallion
1846 Anonymous Scene of a murder Print
1848 John Milton L’Allegro and Il Penseroso Book
1848 Leonard Charles Wyon. William Hogarth and The Election Book
1849 C. F. Carter Inigo Jones 54mm Medallion
1851 Oliver Goldsmith The Traveller Illustrated book
1851 Anonymous Tazza (Classical Figures including Hercules) 5" high x 16" wide Cast iron
1854 Henry Weigall John Flaxman (obv) God carrying Goddess (rev) Medallion
1855 Copeland (manufacturer) Clytie 28 cm. high Parian ware bust
1855 Lord Byron Childe Harold Illustrated book
1857 Wyon William Chambers (obv) Somerset House (rev) 55 mm. Medallion
1858 L. C. Wyon Thomas Banks (obv) Nude male (rev) 56 mm. Medallion
1859 E. Ortner Thomas Gainsborough (obv) The Wood Gatherers (rev) 54 mm. Medallion
1859 Haynes Mother’s Hope Print
1859 Anonymous Roslyn Chapel Print
1860 George Gammon Adams Thomas Lawrence (obv) Duke of Wellington (rev) 56 mm. 56 mm.
1860 W. J. Linton Thirty Pictures by Deceased British Artists Book
1861 C. Delpech Apollo 47 cm. h Parian bust on alabaster stand
1861 Leonard C. Wyon Sir David Wilkie (obv) Group of men around table (rev) 55 mm. Medallion
1862 Robert Jefferson The Fall of the Rebel Angels 8 ¼ inches Parianware
1862 Leopold Wiener Sir Charles Barry (obv) House of Parliament (rev) 59.5 mm. Medallion
1862 Anonymous Prince Albert Commemoration Print
1863 Anonymous Young Girls Print
1863 Joseph Durham Go to Sleep [Copeland manft., repeated 1864 & '65] 18 inches Parianware
1863 Alfred Lord Tennyson Idylls of the King Illustrated book
1864 Joseph Shepherd Wyon John Bacon (obv) Bacon’s statue of Samuel Johnson 55 mm. Medallion
1865 J. Barkentin Trophy 27mm h. Electroplated vase on marble plinth with twin figural handles and ovoid body
1866 W. Wilson Benjamin West (obv) Death of Wolfe at Quebec (rev) 54.8 mm. Medallion
1866 Daniel Maclise Norman Conquest 20" x 9" Illustrated book
1867 George Gammon Adams William Dyce (obv) Christ with Sheep (rev) 57 mm. Medallion
1868 Leonard C. Wyon Sir Richard Westmacott (obv) Charity (rev) 55 mm. Medallion
1870 A.B. Wyon C.R. Leslie (obv) The Sentry Box from Tristram Shandy (rev) 55 mm. Medallion
1872 George Gammon Adams William Etty (obv) Venus and Cupid Descending (rev) 57 mm. Medallion
1874 Joseph Sheppard Wyon John Gibson, RA (obv) Nude male with dog (rev) 55 mm. Medallion
1875 G. Morgan David Roberts (obv) Moorish scribe with seated female figure (rev) 56.4 mm. Medallion
1876 Leonard C. Wyon Joseph Mallord William Turner (obv)••• The Fighting Temeraire Being Towed to Her Last Berth (rev) 55.1 mm. Medallion
1876 Daniel Maclise Death of Nelson Print
1877 George Gammon Adams William Mulready (obv) The Haymakers (rev) 55 mm. Medallion
1878 A.B. Wyon Daniel Maclise (obv) The Play Scene from Hamlet (rev)••• 55.2 mm. Medallion
1878 E. B. Stephens Little Boat Builder 45.7 cm. Parian ware statue
1878 W. Hamo Thornycroft, executed by J.A. Hatfield A Warrior Bearing a Wounded Youth from the Field of Battle 67.3 cm. [bronze?]
1879 G. Morgan David Cox (obv) Man on horse with pack animals from “Crossing the Sand” & “Lancaster Sand” 56 mm. Medallion
1880 Leonard C. Wyon Thomas Stothard (obv) The Canterbury Pilgrims (rev) 55.3 mm. Medallion
1882 A(lred) B(enjamin) Wyon E. H. Baily (obverse) Eve at the Fountain (reverse) 55 mm. Medallion
1884 George Gammon Adams Sir G. Gilbert Scott (obv) St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh (rev) 57 mm. Medallion
1886 Scott, Sir Walter, illustrated by Macqoid and Percy Bridal of Triermain Illustrated book
1887 Sir Alfred Gilbert Queen Victoria (obv) Art Saileth though Life Faileth (rev) 63 mm. Medallion
1896 Lilian Simpson Book cover 10” h x 8” w x 2” d Hammered silver
1896 Margaret Giles Hero 50 cm. Bronze statue
1897 Lilian Simpson Atalanta 8” h x 9” w x 5” d Bronze statuette
1906 Louis Frederick Roselieb The Skipping Girl 175 mm. Bronze statuette
1905 Susan Ruth Canton Hebe ____ bronze statuette
1906 Louis Picault Work 12 inches Metal statuette
1907 Phoebe Stabler Mother and child 24.1 cm. Statuette Electroplated bronze
1908 Louis Picault Post Pugnam (After the Fight) 12½ inches Metal statuette
1909 A. Joliveaux The Angler ____ Bronze statuette
1909 L. Goyeau Piping Hot 8 ¼ inches high Silvered bronze statuette
1910 Florence Harriet Steele Dawn Dispelling Sleep and Night Plaster plaque
1910 Louis Frederick Roselieb The Archer Bronze statuette
——— ——— Tazza (dish on base) 8" diam. Copper
1912 Christine M. Stockdale Untitled Nude 35 cm. Bronze statuette


Beaulah, G. K. “The Medals of the Art Union of LondonThe British Numismatic Society Journal (1967): 179-85. Web. May 30, 2013.

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