Abbreviations: A Note on Manuscript Material

Introduction: The Catholic Revival

I. John Moore Capes and the Rambler, 1848-1854

II. Richard Simpson and the Rambler, 1854-1858

III. The Young Acton: History and Liberal Catholicism

IV. Acton, Simpson, and the Rambler, 1858

V. The Rambler, the Bishops, and Newman, 1859

VI. Father Newman Consults the Laity

VII. Rambler, New Series, 1859-1860

VIII. Catholic Politics and Catholic Intellect, 1860-1861

IX. Friends and Enemies, 1861

X. Quartering the Rambler, 1861-1862

XI. Challenge and Response, 1862

XII. The Home and Foreign Review, 1862-1864

XIII. Conflicts with Rome, 1863-1864

Epilogue: Roman Triumph.

Appendix: Simpson, Gladstone, and Vaticanism, 1874-1875

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