John R. Mendel has identified the images on these postcards as the same ones that appear in the untitled volume of photographs scanned for The Victorian web by Nathalie Chevalier of Paris. The volume bears the imprint "With H. and C. F. Feist's compliments" but no name, date, or place of publication. Plate 30, however, demonstrates that its photographs must have been taken after 1902, and Mendel proves that they could not have been made after mid-1906:

In mid (June-August) 1906, my grandmother, with her mother and father, made a trip to the U.K. to visit family. She brought back from this trip a plethora of postcards. Twenty-five of these postcards are the exact same photographs as those on the website. Three of these photographs, taken by the same photographer(s), are within a matter of a few minutes of one another to yours. i.e. Plates 11, 29 & 30.

Last modified 28 April 2016