Royal Academy of Arts

1851       The Flageolet, no. 434
Portrait of a Child, no. 686
Portrait, no. 741

1852       Christ at Emmaus, no. 23
Birdcatchers, no. 186

1853      Portrait, no. 436

1854       Mrs. Sugden, no. 91
William Davies, no. 436

1855       Counting the Cost. “Which of you intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost?” – Luke, xiv, 28. no. 491.

1856      James Hoby, Esq. no. 574

1857      The Chestnut Blossom, no. 211

1858      The Nurse, no. 107
Anna Kull, no. 849.

1859      A Study, no. 274
Portrait, no. 450

1862       Mr. Robert Levett and Dr. Johnson visiting a poor family, no. 35

1863       The Moorland Edge, no. 137

1869      The Hymn of the Lord’s Supper [The Hymn of the Last Supper] . “And when they had sung a hymn, they went out into the Mount of Olives.” No. 450

British Institution

1857      Miranda, no.381

1867      A Scene in Cumberland, no. 58

Society of British Artists

1854      The Dreamer, no. 395

1858      Rest by the way, no. 207
Naboth in the Vineyard – A sketch, no. 208
Saturday Evening, no. 576
Aesone, no. 577

1859      Friar Tuck – A sketch, (w/c) no. 713

1872/73      Dagonets Dance. “Danced like a withered leaf before the hall” “The Last Tournament” – Tennyson, no. 2

1860       Circe, no. 259
The Rose of Dawn, “I heard a voice upon the slope Cry to the summit, Is there any hope?” ““The Vision of Sin” – Tennyson, no. 291
The Hermit. “Twas thus by a cave of the mountain a far, While his harp rung symphonious a hermit began.” – Beattie, no. 324
The Way to Emmaus. “He appeared unto two of them as they walked and went into the country.” no. 326

1873      The Squirrel’s Haunt, no. 27
Reaper Asleep, no. 396
Down in the Glen, no. 443

1876      The Cornfield, no. 64
At the Sepulchre (w/c), no. 653
Looking into the Sepulchre (w/c), no. 620

Liverpool Academy

1848      The Reverie
Portrait of a Gentleman
The Brookside
Portrait of a Man of the Order of Mercy
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of John Gray Esq. of Newport, Lincoln
Portrait of Mrs. Gray
Portrait of a Gentleman

1856      Dream of the Sea Mist
Mount Blanc and the Valley of Chamounix [Chamonix]
Happy Sleep
Naboth in his Vineyard
Lake of the Four Cantons
The Field Flower
The Faithful Messenger
Very Interesting

1857      The Chestnut Blossom

1858      The Nurse
Sketch on the Shore

1859      Quiet Fields
The Bower
Flight of a Youth
Death of Earl Siward
Flight of Porphyro and Madeline [The Eve of St. Agnes], pen and ink
Initiation of the Emperor Julian

1862      Moses and Olivia [Olivia and the Squire]
Caedmon Playing Before Hilda, Abbess of Whitby

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