View of the Clyde from Faifley and Duntocher by John Knox (1778-1845). Oil on canvas. c. 1816. 91.4 x 147.2 cm.; framed: 112 x 170 cm. Photographs and text by Jacqueline Banerjee; photograph taken with permission, for the review of the exhibition linked below. [Click on the image to enlarge it.]

This work is so Romantic in feeling, with sunset colouring the clouds and indeed the whole landscape, but still allowing smaller, meticulously detailed glimpses of rural life — women with baskets who have been gathering produce, a house with smoke rising from one of its chimneys, cattle, some of them now lying down contentedly in the meadow. It is a picturesque and sentimental view of the countryside at a time when it was changing, and before very long the artists would register that change in their own work.



Lightbox Final Fleming Object List (provided by The Lightbox, Woking, for reviewers of the exhibition there).

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