Eos. Sir Edwin Landseer, R.A. 1841. Oil on canvas. RCIN 403219. Courtesy of the Royal Collections via a Creative Commons permission. Click on image to enlarge it.

According to “Royal Pets: Beloved animals through the years,” “Eos, a graceful greyhound, accompanied Prince Albert to Britain when he married Queen Victoria in 1840. The Prince described the dog to his future wife in a letter: ‘You ask after…my faithful, but not disinterested Eos. She is very well, looks after herself as much as she can, sleeps by the stove, is very friendly if there is plum-cake in the room, very much put out when she has to jump over the stick, keen on hunting, sleepy after it, always proud and contemptuous of other dogs. Prince Albert.’ Knowing of her new husband's fondness for his pet the Queen commissioned this portrait as a Christmas present.”


Royal Pets: Beloved animals through the years.” Royal Collections Trust. 12 May 2020.

Created 12 May 2020