The Pool in the Wood, Helmsdale

The Pool in the Wood, Helmsdale, by Colin Hunter, ARA, 1841-1904. 1897. Oil on canvas. H 108 x W 183.5 cm. Collection: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. Accession no. WAG 2837, purchased, 1897. Image downloaded from Art UK under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence (CC BY-NC).

Black's Picturesque Tourist of Scotland particularly mentions "the unbroken stillness of the large inlets of the sea,or of the freshwater lakes" (558) in this part of Scotland. Sheep farming is common here, and indeed there is a scattering of sheep on the far side of the pool. But it is the water pouring over craggy outcrop that steals the show. The tints of colour here suggest that this alluring spot was seen in autumn. — Jacqueline Banerjee


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The Pool in the Wood, Helmsdale. Art UK. Web. 31 October 2022.

Created 31 October 2022