The Needles, Isle of Wight. Keeley Halswelle ARSA, RI 1832-1891. Oil on canvas, 20 x 29½ inches. Inscribed 'by Keeley Halswelle' on stretcher. Courtesy of the Maas Gallery. [Detail] Click on image to enlarge it.

“He painted this early work when he was 28, working in the manner of the coastal painter Peter Graham. His best pictures have a theatrical sense of scale about them. After his marriage in 1861 and a trip to Italy in search of commercial subjects, he painted continental scenes, but in the 1880s he started to paint landscapes of Scotland and the Thames Valley in a looser, much more dramatic manner, and found his métier. He lived then on a houseboat on the Thames, painting hundreds of plein air sketches, many of which have ended up in the V&A..” — Maas Gallery

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Created 26 February 2018