Earthbound by Evelyn de Morgan (1850-1919). Scanned image and text by George P. Landow. [This image may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose.]

In "Earthbound" (p. 228), where the artist tells what she thinks of the world's engrossing pursuit of wealth, there are merits of a quite different kind, often described as art-literary. The story told runs as follows:: In. a desolate country an aged king broods over his hoard of gold, while the dark Angel of Death approaches, a cloud-like mantle floating around, her. It is strewn with stars, and a moon shines: dimly in the angel's dusky wing, all typical of the elements into which the earthbound miser will soon be resolved. Away in the distance a freed spirit rises into the sky. Allegorical pictures of this kind give to Mrs. De Morgan's art a certain resemblance to that of Mr. G. F. Watts — Sparrow


Sparrow, W. Shaw."The Art of Mrs. William de Morgan." The Studio. 19 (May 1900): 220-32. Illustrated p. 228.

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