Edith Edenborough, the second daughter, and fifth child, of Henry and Margaret (née Stedman) Edenborough, was born 28 December 1846 at Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. The Edenborough family originated in Leicestershire, later moved to London, England, and were successful merchants in hosiery and silk.

Between 1833 and 1837, Henry Edenborough, a sea captain, made several voyages to Australia before settling there in 1840 when he took possession of a pastoral station just south of Goulburn known as Wollogorang. The family lived at Wollogorang until 1854 at which time Henry and Margaret sold up and returned to England with their six children. The 1861 British census shows Edith, aged 14, living with her widowed mother at Kensington, Middlesex — Henry having died one year after his return to England— and the 1871 census records her living with her sister Annie, who is now listed as head of household, at 5 Sheffield Gardens, Kensington, Middlesex. Her death was registered at Hampstead in 1920. — Jennie Fairs


Edith Corbet was a landscape painter, closely associated with the 'Etruscan' group. In 1891 she cemented the association by marrying Matthew Ridley Corbet, one of the group's most important artists. She was born Edith Edinborough. . . [and] was exhibiting in London by 1871. She then married the painter Arthur Murch and lived in Rome where she worked with Giovanni Costa, the leader of the Etruscans. In 1876 they both stayed in Venice. Olivia Rossetti Agresti wrote: 'Costa had a very high opinion of this artist's gifts and used to remember with pleasure how on that occasion they used to go out together to paint from nature at Fusino' (Agresti, 1904). Between 1880 and 1890 Edith Murch exhibited many works at the Grosvenor Galleryand the New Gallery. After her marriage to Corbet she exhibited primarily at the Royal Academy, visiting Italy but living in London for the rest of her life.

Edith Corbet's works share the Etruscan preoccupation with harmonious and subdued opaque colour. She too painted panoramic landscapes on elongated horizontal canvases. — Hilary Morgan



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