“One aim in thoroughness, as Brangwyn argues, would be the emigration of poster design from Trade to History, from lures put before buyers to appeals made to patriots. For children and our striking classes, youngsters of an older growth in wild oats, cannot see in our streets and public places too many fine posters and pictures wherein noble and inspiriting deeds from our history — naval, military, social, industrial, and philanthropic — are made real with a passion as easy for all folk to feel and grasp as a play well acted. Dr. Augustus Jessopp proved years ago, by his beautiful serene talks in most able addresses, that the English people are not dull toward great history when they find a chatty, charming teacher — a voice from bygone times in a big soul of to-day. And what words can do, this and more can be done by historical posters in our streets if they are drawn and coloured by artists of Brangwyn's metal. Every naval battle from our country's drama should be present in all minds as a series of pictures gathered from national appeals by posters.” — Walter Shaw Sparrow [179]



Sparrow, Walter Shaw. Prints and Drawings of Frank Brangwyn with Some Other Phases of His Art. London: John Lane, 1919. Internet Archive version of a copy in the Ontario College of Art. Web. 28 December 2012.

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