Santa Maria della salute

Santa Maria della salute by Sir Frank Brangwyn RA RWS PRBA HRSA, 1867-1956. Etching. Source: Sparrow, Prints and Drawings by Frank Brangwyn, 161. According to Sparrow, this etching won the gold medal at the 1907 Venice International Exhibition and the Grand Prize at the 1906 Milan International Exhibition.

Commentary by Walter Shaw Sparrow

A few etchings have very important names, though the subjects that these names ask us to see, are almost hidden by boats or barges. This joke has been noted by many writers. Frank Newbolt says, for instance: "'The Porte St. Croix at Bruges,' that massive structure of town defence, is dwarfed by enormous barges"; and Henri Marcel is struck by the "Santa Maria della Salute" (No. 118), seen behind the masts and rigging of tall ships fastened to groups of piles. On our right a medley of picturesque anchors and cranes makes a complicated framing for Santa Maria, whose leaden domes stand out rather clearly against the sky. I like this genre. Not only does it blend architectural motifs with sailoring and commercial activities; it suits Brangwyn, and discovers him as much as he discovers its charm and variety. [118]


Sparrow, Walter Shaw. Frank Brangwyn and His Work. Boston: Dana Estes, 1911.

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