John Salmon retired as a General Medical Practitioner in North London in 2000, and since then has indulged his passion for church photography with a special interest in stained glass. He is the author of the biography Ernest Charles Shearman (1859-1939), An Anglo-Catholic Architect: An Illustrated Introduction to His Life and Work published by The Anglo-Catholic History Society in 2009. He is also co-author with Michael Yelton of two books published by Spire Publishers: Anglican Church Building in London 1915-1945 (2007), and Anglican Church Building in London 1946-2012 (2013). He has a Facebook group called Church Crawlers Anonymous, and a very large presence on the photographic recording website, Geograph, where thousands of his beautiful photographs of churches can be seen.

John can be contacted via his Geograph profile, at

Last modified 1 June 2015