Contemporary Periodicals directed at Navvies and Reports about Them

Quarterly Letter to Navvies 1878-1893

Quarterly Letter to Men on Public Works 1893-1933

Annual Reports, Navvy Mission Society

Annual Meeting Speeches 1904-1914, Navvy Mission Society. All held by the Industrial Christian Fellowship, St Katherine Cree, Leadenhall Street, London EC 3

Report from the Select Committee on Railway Labourers, printed by order of the House of Commons, 28 July 1846

Papers Read Before the Statistical Society of Manchester on the Demoralisation and Injuries Occasioned by the Want of Proper Regulations of Labourers Engaged in the Construction and Working of Railways, Edwin Chadwick, Manchester, 1846

The Navvy — First-Hand and Contemporary Accounts

Anon. Death or Life, 1864

Barrett, Daniel William. Life and Work Among The Navvies, 1880

Conder, Francis. Personal Recollections of English Engineers, 1868

Cresswell, Henrietta. Winchmore Hill, Memories of a Lost Village, 1912

Payers, Thomas. Labour Among the Navvies, 1862

Garnett, Elizabeth. Our Navvies, 1885

Kennedy, Duncan. The Birth and Death of a Highland Railway (John Murray), 1971

MacGill, Patrick. Gleanings from a Navvy's scrapbook, 1910

MacGill, Patrick. Songs of a Navvy, 1912

MacGill, Patrick. Children of the Dead End, 1916

Marsh, Catherine. English Hearts and English Hands, 1858

Mayhew, Henry. London Labour and the London Poor, Vol 3, 1967

Munby, George. Former Days at Turvey, 1908

Palk, William. A Glance at the Navvies, 1859

Taylor, John. Poems, Chiefly on Themes of Scottish Interest, 1875

Taylor, W. T. The Life and Work of the Late William Taylor, the Navvy, 1892

Tregelles, Anna Rebecca. The Ways of the Line, 1847

The Navvy — Later Accounts

Handley, James. The Navvy in Scotland (Cork UP), 1970

Klingender, Francis. Art and the Industrial Revolution, 1947

Canals &mdash First Hand and Contemporary Accounts

Cole, William. A Poetical Sketch of the Norwich and Lowestoft Navigation Works, 1833. Held by Lowestoft Central Library

Leech, Sir Bosdin. The History of the Manchester Ship Canal, 1907

Pinkerton, John. Abstract of the Cause Just Arbitrated between the Birmingham and Birmingham and Fazeley Canal and John Pinkerton, 1801. Held by Birmingham Central Library

Shaw, Stebbing. A Journey to the West of England in 1788, 1789

Southey, Robert, Journal of a Tour in Scotland in 1819, 1929

Tatham, William. Political Economy of Inland Navigation, 1799

Young, Arthur. A Six Months Tour Through the North of England, Vol 3, 1771

Canals &mdash Later Accounts

Bick, David. The Hereford and Gloucester (The Pound House),

Booker, Frank. Industrial Archaeology of the Tamar Valley (David & Charles), 1971

Broadbridge, S. R. The Birmingham Canal Navigations, Vol i, 1768-1846 (David & Charles) 1974

Burton, Anthony. The Canal Builders (Eyre Methuen) 1972

Cameron, A. D. The Caledonian Canal (Terence Dalton), 1972

Clew, Kenneth. The Kennct and Avon Canal (David & Charles), 1969

Denney, Martyn. London's Waterways (Batsford), 1977

Faulkner, Alan. The Grand Junction Canal (David & Charles), 1972

Gladwin, D. D. The Waterways of Britain (Batsford), 1976

Hadfield, Charles. The Canals of the West Midlands (David & Charles), 1966

Hadfield, Charles. The Canals of South West England (David & Charles), 1967

Hadfield, Charles. British Canals (David & Charles), 1969

Hadfield, Charles. The Canal Age (David & Charles), 1969

Hadfield, Charles. The Canals of South and South East England (David & Charles), 1969

Hadfield, Charles. The Canals of Yorkshire and North East England (David & Charles), 1972

Hadfield, Charles, and Biddle, Gordon. The Canals of North West England (David & Charles), 1970

Hadfield, Charles, and Norris, John. Waterways to Stratford (David & Charles), 1962

Handford, Michael. The Stroudwater Canal (Alan Sutton), 1979

Hanson, Harry. Canal People (David & Charles), 1978

Household, Humphrey. The Thames and Severn Canal (David & Charles), 1969

Lindsay, Jean. The Canals of Scotland (David & Charles), 1968

Masefield, John. Grace Before Ploughing (Heinemann), 1966

Russell, Ronald. Lost Canals of England and Wales (David & Charles), 1971

Stevens, Philip. The Leicester Line (David & Charles), 1972

Vine, Paul. London's Lost Route to Basingstoke (David & Charles), 1969

Vine, Paul. The Royal Military Canal, (David & Charles), 1972

Ward, John Robert. The Finance of Canal Building in Eighteenth Century England (OUP), 1974

Railways — First Hand and Contemporary Accounts

Booth, Henry. An Account of the Liverpool-Manchester Railway, 1831

Brees, Samuel Charles. Railway Practice, Appendix, 1839

Francis, John. History of English Railways, Vol 2, 1851

Lecount, Peter. The History of the Railway Connecting London and Birmingham.

Walker, James Scott. An Accurate Description of the Manchester- Liverpool Railway, 1830.

Williams, Frederick. The Midland Railway, 1886.

Williams, Frederick. Our Iron Roads, 1888.

Railways — Later Accounts

Abbott, R. D. (ed). The Last Main Line (Leicester Museums), 1960.

Barker, T. C., and Robbins, Michael. A History of London Transport Vol i (Alien & Unwin), 1975.

Coleman, Terry. The Railway Navvies (Pelican), 1965.

Collins, Michael. The Railway Age, 1962.

Dow, George. Great Central, 2 Vols (Locomotive Publishing Co.), 1959.

Houghton, F. W., and Foster, W. H. The Story of the Carlisle-Settle Railway, 1965.

Lloyd, Roger. Railwayman's Gallery, 1953.

Thomas, Ronald. The Liverpool and Manchester Railway (Batsford), 1980.


Bateman, John La Trobe. History and Description of the Manches- ter 'Waterworks, 1884.

Bowtell, H. D. Reservoir Railways of Manchester and the Peak (Oakwood), 1977.

Harwood, Sir John James. History and Description of the Thirlmere Water Scheme, 1895.

Index of Register of Dams International Commission on Large Dams (British Section: Institution of Civil Engineers)

Smith, Norman. A History of Dams (Peter Davies), 1971.

Docks and Ports

Broodbank, Sir Joseph. History of the Port of London, 1921.

Pudney, John. London's Docks (Thames & Hudson) 1975.

Wren, Wilfrid. Ports of the Eastern Counties (Terence Dalton), 1976.


The Blackwall Tunnell (articles reprinted as a booklet by London Magazine, 13 May 1897).

Gripper, Charles. Railway Tunnelling in Heavy Ground, 1879.

Lampe, David. The Tunnel (George Harrap), 1966.

Sandstrom, Gosta. The History of Tunnelling, 1964.

Sims, Frederick Walter. Public Works of Great Britain, 1838.

Sims, Frederick Walter. Practical Tunnelling, 1896.

Walker, Thomas. The Severn Tunnel, 1890.


Bellamy, Joyce and Saville, John. Dictionary of Labour Biography. vol 4, 1972.

Chown, Leslie J. Sir Samuel Morton Peto, Bt MP, 1943.

Dewey, Joseph. The Life of Joseph Locke, 1862

Dictionary of National Biography.

Helps, Arthur. The Life and Labours of Mr Brassey, 1872.

Hobson, G. A. Life of Sir James Falshaw, 1905.

McDermott, Frederick. Life and Work of Joseph Firbank, 1887.

O'Rorke, L. E. The Life and Friendships of Catherine Marsh, 1917.

Rolt. L. T. C. Thomas Telford (Penguin), 1979.

Smiles, Samuel. Lives of the Engineers, Vols 1-5, 1874.

Thomas, Ivor. Top Sawyer: A Biography of David Davies of Llandinam, 1938.

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