I am grateful to 'Corporal Scott Gutzke' of Battery B, 4th US Light Cavalry for gracious permission to use this illustration, which has been taken from its web site. Copyright, of course, remains with Battery B


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Zouaves were French soldiers by the time of the Crimean War. Originally they were Algerian and Moroccan men from the Zouaoua tribe who offered their services to the French colonists but over a period of time, more Frenchmen joined their ranks. In 1852 President Louis Napoleon (soon to be the Emperor Napoleon III) directed that the three regiments should comprise only Frenchmen. The striking uniforms of the original Zouaves — white leggings, red baggy trousers, a short blue waistcoat and sash, a red cape and a green fez or turban — were maintained.

The Zouaves were renowned for their bravery, recklessness and fighting abilities. They were better known in their time than the French Foreign Legion is today.

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