The following list of Reynolds’s publications is based the bibliography available at the University of Pennsylvania’s Online Books Page (, which John Mark Ockerbloom edits. The ODNB entry on the novelist has provided additional titles plus as list of periodicals Reynolds edited. Since some of the author’s books appeared without dates on their title pages, and others that are dated list previous publications, I have used these title pages to provide approximate dates.

Unless otherwise noted, all books are (a) available online at the Hathi Trust Digital Library, (b) published by J. Dicks of London.

*** = books listed on the title page of one of Reynolds’s published works but unlocated, and therefore they might not belong to the category suggested.

•• = a book published before or during before 1856, since it is listed on title page of Ellen Percy (1856). — George P. Landow

Some dates provided, particularly those after 1860, come from reprints or later editions and do not provide accurate year of first publication.


The Youthful Impostor. A Novel. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart, 1836. [This was republished in 1847 as The Parricide]

Grace Darling; or, The heroine of the Fern Islands; a Tale by G. W. M. Reynolds. London: G. Henderson, 1839.

Pickwick abroad; or, The tour in France. London: Willoughby, 1837-38.

Kenneth: a Romance of the Highlands.. New York: H. Long & Bro., [184-?] 1856.

Robert Macaire; or, The French bandit in England. By George W. M. Reynolds. With beautiful wood-engravings, drawn by Henry Anelay. 1840.

Master Timothy's book-case, or The Magic lanthorn of the world. London: Paget & Co., 1841-42.

Alfred; or, The adventures of a French Gentleman. Illus. with fourteen steel engravings. London: Willoughby, 1844.

The steam-packet: a tale of the river and the ocean. London: W. Emans, 1844.

Robert Macaire in England. London:: Printed for Thomas Tegg, 73, Cheapside, 1845.

The Mysteries of London. London: G. Vickers, 1846-48. [discussions and excerpts]

The parricide; or, The Youth's Career of Crime. Illustrated with 22 wood engravings, designed by George Standfast. 1847.

The Coral island; or, The hereditary curse. 1848-49.

The Seamstress: or, The White Slave of England (1850)

The Mysteries of the Court of London. [1849-56].

The Rye House plot; or, Ruth, the conspirator's daughter. 1851-52.

Mary Price; or, The Memoirs of a Servant-maid. Illus. by F. Gilbert. 1851-52.

The Seamstress: or, The White sLave of England. 1853.

Joseph Wilmot, or, The Memoirs of a Man-servant. [1854?]), illust. by Edward Henry Corbould.

The Loves of the Harem; a Tale of Constantinople. 1855.

Ellen Percy; or, The memoirs of an actress. 1856.

Agnes, or, Beauty and pleasure .... London: J. Dicks [before 1856: listed on titlepage of Ellen Percy (1856)]

••The Bronze Statue.***

The Days of Hogarth; or, the Mysteries of Old London ... With ... engravings. London: John Dicks. ***

Leila, or, The star of Mingrelia. London: J. Dicks.***

May Middleton: or, The history of a fortune.***

The necromancer. A romance. ***

Omar: a tale of the war. ***

••The Pixy***

Pope Joan: or, The Female Pontiff. New York: Dick and Fitzgerald, n.d. ***

••Rosa Lambert. ***

••The Soldier’s Wife.***

Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf. *** Project Gutenberg.

Kenneth: a romance of the Highlands. 1856.

Mary Stewart. 1858.

The Empress Eugenie's boudoir. 1857.

The young duchess, or, Memoirs of a lady of quality; a sequel to Ellen Percy. 1858.

The baker's daughter; or, The lost witness. Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson, [18--?].

The banker's daughter. A sequel to "Joseph Wilmot". Phila., T.B. Peterson & Brothers, [18--].

Canonbury House, or, The queen's prophecy. 1870.

Margaret: or, The discarded queen. [ca. 1875])

Faust: A romance. London: John Dicks, [1883?], illust. by John Gilbert and Henry Anelay.

La taverne du diable. Paris, 1867. [This seems to be an abbreviated translation of The Mysteries of London.]


The Errors of the Christian Religion. Publisher? 1832.

Reynold's political instructor. Reprint: Westport, Conn., Greenwood Reprint Corp., 1970.


A sequel to Don Juan.. 2nd. ed. London: Paget & co., [1843?].

Verses (included in fiction)


The Mysteries of the Inquisition (French original and two 19th-century English translations, with 21st-century editorial notes), by V. de Féréal, ed. by Marie Léger-Saint-Jean, contrib. by Manuel de Cuendias and Daniel Carter (HTML at

The Modern Literature of France. London: G. Henderson, 1839.

Periodicals edited

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