1828Margaret Oliphant Wilson born in Wallyford, Midlothian.
1838 Family moves to England.
1845Broken engagement.
1849Passages in the Life of Margaret Maitland published
1851Meets Major Blackwood, an introduction which will lead to her relationship with Blackwoods publishing house
1852Margaret Oliphant Wilson marries her cousin, Frank Oliphant.
1853Maggie born
1854Marjorie born
1855Marjorie dies
1856Cyril (Tiddy) born
1858Stephen born, dies at nine weeks
1859Frank dies in Rome, Francis (Cecco) born two months later
1861"The Executor," the first Chronicle of Carlingford published
1862Salem Chapel published
1863The Perpetual Curate published
1864Maggie dies in Rome on family vacation
1865Miss Marjoribanks published
1868Frank Wilson (Oliphant's brother) goes bankrupt
1870Frank's wife dies, Wilson family becomes dependent on Oliphant
1875Frank Wilson dies
1876Phoebe Junior published
1879A Beleaguered City published
1883Hester published
1885Willie Wilson (Oliphant's brother) dies
1889Kirsteen published
1890Tiddy dies
1894Cecco dies
1897Oliphant dies, two volumes of Annals of a Publishing House published
1899Autobiography published

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