1819 born July 12

1837 student at King's College, London

1838 matriculates at Magdalene College, Cambridge

1842 becomes curate of Eversley Church, Hampshire

1844 marries Fanny Grenfell, becomes rector of Eversley Church, begins correspondence with Frederick Denison Maurice

1848 The Saint's Tragedy; anonymous publication of "Why Should We Fear the Romish Priests?"; appointed Professor of English Literature and Composition, Queen's College, London; begins association with John Malcolm Ludlow and Christian Socialists; publishes "Workmen of England" anonymously and "The National Gallery" under the pseudonym "Parson Lot" in new journal Politics for the People; articles and series of "letters to the Chartists" under pseudonym "Parson Lot"; Yeast published anonymously and serially in Fraser's Magazine.

1849 begins reviewing for Fraser's Magazine.

1850 helps found the Christian Socialist, A Journal of Association; helps organize Society for the Promotion of Working Men's Associations; Cheap Clothes and Nasty; Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet.

1851 Yeast: A Problem issued in volume form; poetry and a series of articles in Christian Socialist under pseudonym "Parson Lot"; "The Nun's Pool," in Christian Socialist; articles and reviews in Fraser's Magazine.

1852 Phaeton; or Loose Thoughts for Loose Thinkers; begins Hypatia; or, New Foes with an Old Face as serial in Fraser's Magazine; the Christian Socialist fails.

1853 Hypatia published in two volumes.

1854 Alexandria and Her Schools; Sermons on National Subjects; Who Causes Pestilence?; "The Wonders of the Shore," in North British Review.

1855 Westward Ho! in three volumes; Glaucus; or, The Wonders of the Shore; Brave Words for Brave Soldiers and Sailors.

1856 The Heroes; or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children.

1857 Two Years Ago.

1858 Andromeda and Other Poems.

1859 appointed chaplain to Queen Victoria

1860 appointed Regius Professor of Modern History, Cambridge.

1861 appointed tutor to Prince of Wales.

1862 The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby, serially in Macmillan's Magazine.

1863 The Water-Babies published in volume form.

1864 The Roman and the Teuton; What, Then, Does Dr. Newman Mean? leads to dispute with John Henry Newman.

1865 Hereward, the Last of the English published serially in Good Words.

1866 Hereward the Wake, "Last of the English" published in two volumes

1868 "Madam How and Lady Why," published in Good Words for the Young.

1869 Appointed Canon of Chester; leaves on trip to the West Indies.

1870 Madam How and Lady Why; or First Lessons in Earth Lore for Children published in volume form; organizes nucleus of the Chester Natural History Society.

1871 At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies.

1872 Town Geology; president of the Midland Institute, Birmingham.

1873 Prose Idylls, New and Old; accepts stall at Westminster Abbey.

1874 Health and Education; visits United States.

1875 Dies.

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