1824. born at Huntley, West Aberdeenshire, the son of George Macdonald and Helen MacKay.

1832. Mother dies

1840-41. attends Aberdeen University

1842. catalogues library on an unidentified estate in northern Scotland

1844-45. attends Aberdeen University, taking prizes in chemistry and natural philosophy.

1845-7. tutoring in London

c. 1848-49. studies for the Congregationalist ministry at Independent College, Highbury

1850. pastor at Arundel

1852. marries Louisa Powell.

1853. forced to resign by parish deacons, who are dissatisfied with his gentle Christianity; goes to Algiers for health; returns to England resolved to be a professional author.

1855. Within and Without (poem)

1857. Poems

1858. Phantastes

1860. converts to Church of England,

1862. first real success David Elginbrod a novels of Scotch country life

1865. Alec Forbes

1868. Robert Falconer ; receives degree of L.L.D.

1872. American lecture tour; makes many friends, including Emerson. Publishes The Princess and the Goblin

1877. Queen Victoria arranges for pension.

1877.daughter dies on trip to Italy.

1881-1902.spends part of each year in Bordighera, in Casa Coraggio, the house he had built with the aid of friends.

1882. The Princess and Curdie

1895. Litlith

1902. Mrs. Macdonald dies.

1905. Macdonald dies at Ashstead in England after long illness

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