Oblivion! is it not one name of death?
    Nay, is not Lethe death's most dismal name,
    Death growing hour by hour within our frame,
Death settling slowly in our brain, the breath
Of the soul ebbing, so that he who saith,
    I am to-day as yesterday the same,
    Lies, for his thoughts are fled like smoke from flame,
And like the dew his sorrow vanisheth.
Changed is the river, though the waves remain,
    Which rocks of slowlier-changing circumstance
        Plough up in every day of chafing foam.
Changed is the river, gone, gone to the main,
    Yesterday's dream and last year's happy chance,
        And the heart's thoughts again return not home.


Aesthetes and Decadents of the 1890s: An Anthology of British Poetry and Prose. Ed. Karl Beckson. Chicago: Academy, 1981.

Last modified 1 November 2006