The Sermon on the Mount (first panel)

Designer: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Maker: Morris & Co.


On the east side of the (former) Christ Church, Albany Street, London (now St George's Cathedral, an Antiochian Orthodox Church)

The first of three adjacent panels installed when the church was being altered and decorated by William Butterfield. The poet Christina Rossetti, the artist's sister, lived in the neighbourhood (from 1854 at 45 Upper Albany Street, and then in Euston Square and finally in Torrington Square) and used to worship here. [Commentary continues below.]

Photograph by Colin Price. Text and formatting by Jacqueline Banerjee.

Photograph reproduced here by kind permission of Father Samir Gholam. [Click on the image to enlarge it, and mouse over the text for links. Follow the links in "Related Material" for discussions of the other panels.]