I took the wrong turning

"I took the wrong turning"

George du Maurier

ate and work illustrated unknown

Text illustrated: "IV. 15. I took the wrong turning. The bloodhounds were at my heels. There was the steamer sinking with all I love below the verge! I madly plunged, off Cape Jambonneau . . . " [The keys to identifying the story illustrated are the writer's use ofthe first-person point of view (only The Martian fits here) and the geographic location (Cape Jambonneau), which does not match either Trilby, The Martian, or Peter Ibbetson, the only three novels DuMaurier published.]

Philip V. Allingham scanned a colour zerox of an orginal pen-and-ink drawing by George DuMaurier, which Mrs. Nancy Weibel of Tulsa, Oklahoma, graciously shared with readers of the Victorian Web. It may be copied without written permission for educational purposes only (otherwise not to be reproduced, except by permission of the owner).