Trotty Veck and His Daughter Meg

Trotty Veck and His Daughter Meg

Harold Copping


Colour lithograph

Approximately 18 cm. by 12.5 cm

An illustration for The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells That Rang An Old Year Out and A New Year In from Matz, facing p. 130.

Copping illustrates "Trotty Veck's Dinner-Time," which occurs early in the "First Quarter" when Meg brings Toby, waiting outside the old church hard by his dwelling for somebody to commission a delivery, his lunch of hot tripe. Sitting on the church steps, Trotty chats with Meg about marrying her fiance, the blacksmith Richard as he consumes "with an unctuous and unflagging relish" a beverage, hot potato, and main course.

Scanned image, caption, and commentary below by Philip V. Allingham