Abbotsford, by Thomas Allom

Abbotsford, as illustrated by Thomas Allom (1804-1872). Illustration for William Beattie's book (see below), facing p. 38. This was a rebuilding of what was originally a farmhouse for Sir Walter Scott, by William Atkinson (1774/5-1839) probably with Scottish baronial features added by, or as a result of the designs drawn up by, Edward Blore. The listing text has, "William Atkinson and Edward Blore, 1816-18 and 1822-24 (architects of house..."). Among other sources, Kenneth Clark simply ascribes the house to Atkinson (93n, though he gives the date 1812; Blore's work may have had its impact after that); while Michael Black simply ascribes it to Blore (132). M. H. Port gives a little more background that does favour Atkinson, suggesting that he "supplanted" Blore..

However, all are agreed on Scott's own love of Abbotsford, and on its influence on domestic architecture. As for the former, note the figure reading or writing in the right-hand corner of Allom's illustration, with a dog at his feet. Beattie writes, "From this seclusion, the emanations of Scott's mind went forth to surprise and delight the world. Here his happiest hours were spent, and here every object wears the stamp of his genius, and seems to address us in his own words" (199). As for the house as trend-setter, Scott's enormous popularity meant that it "exerted a powerful influence on the course taken by medieval revivalism in Scotland. It was a manifestation of Scott's national feeling with its strong historical sense and antiquarian enthusiasm, and it is to be viewed against the background of interest in a romanticised medieval period which literature was taking at this time" (West 116).

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