Left: The Athenæum Club viewed from the Crimean War Monument across Pall Mall. Right: The view from the opposite direction on Waterloo Place.

Left two: Baily's Athena. Middle: Columns and lanterns near front entranceAllan. Right: Club cypher (the Greek letters "alpha," "theta," "eta" within a wreath).


Left: Central chandelier. Middle: Barrel Vault ceiling of Entrance Hall viewed from the staircase. Right: The grand staircase with the Club's statue of the Belvedere Apollo coming into view.

Left: Morning room with paintings. Middle left: The Belvedere Apollo Right: Two classical figures in the entrance hall.

Left: Room on the first floor. Left: Brock's Lord Leighton on the first-floor landing. Right: Shakespeare, one of eleven plaster busts that date from the Club's opening in 1830.

Two views of the Library.

Left: Two views of a second-floor room. . Right: Embossed Club Emblem on a book cover. .


Tait, Hugh, and Richard Walker with contributions by Sarah Dodgson, Ian Jenkins, and Ralph Pinder-Wilson. The Athenæum Collection. London: The Athenæum, 2000. [This volume may be ordered from the Librarian, The Athenæum, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5 ER.]

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